OC forms 4-member advisory committee on cricket affairs

Ali Moosa0001

Ali Moosa Yousuf

Alkesh Joshi

Alkesh Joshi


Paul Sheridan

Younis Sakhi Mahmood Al Balushi(1)

Younis Sakhi Mahmood Al Balushi








With an ever expanding network of cricket facilities, forthcoming international commitments and a busy domestic season ahead, Oman Cricket (OC) has appointed an advisory committee to further strengthen its planning and execution part in effective management of the game in the country.

“OC is pleased to announce the appointment of an advisory committee that will extend advice on cricket affairs,” said a senior OC official in a comment to the media.

The four-member body comprises Ali Moosa Yousuf, Younis Sakhi Mahmood Al Balushi, Paul Sheridan and Alkesh Joshi. All the committee members come from different walks of life with deep knowledge of the game.