CDO Report

It gives me immense pleasure to forward a brief about our 2014-15 season. Oman made great strides during this period in International cricket especially beating much fancied Ireland, Scotland and Hong Kong in a major tournament in India.  We always wanted to make an impact in world stage and successfully achieved it. My sincere appreciation to Sultan Ahmad the captain and the team for a marvelous job done during this tournament.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to Oman Cricket Board of Directors headed by non-other than Mr. Kanak G. Khimji, president and ably supported by the other BOD for giving me all necessary encouragement to move forward with my development plans specially Pankaj and Madhubhai for extending their fullest support during crucial times. We are on the right path and the next 15 months are going to be crucial for Oman Cricket as, if we hope to keep same momentum going until the end of 2017 where Oman will end up hopefully up in WCL 2.

Amerat ground facilities and the Grand stand with all modern conveniences is going to be the show piece in the Gulf region when the development work completes by end 2017. The teams in Oman will have the luxury of turf facilities with ground No.2 and side wickets also coming up there.

We have upgraded U-19 team to play 50 overs on turf from this season on wards and A- Division to 40 -overs together with women’s cricket to be played at the same venue. We have a newly formed A-TEAM which will function separately under different support staff which will be the feeder to the National team.

We are doing our utmost to encourage ethnic local talent to flourish specially with NYDT which is an Oman Cricket fully sponsored team. Our main goal is to introduce cricket to all Schools and make their interest grow for the game of cricket. We do like to spread the wings to out stations especially to Salalah and Sohar.

Finally let me sincerely thank all the people behind the scene who worked tirelessly to see Oman climb the ladder during the past few months and wish Oman Cricket a very bright and successful 2016 /17 where Oman will be well known amongst the cricketing fraternity in the world.

Duleep Mendis

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