Regional Development

Regional Development (pictures in development folder)

Oman Cricket Club has begun its development projects in regional Oman by appointing committees in Sohar and Salalah as of May 2016 to manage the Cricket activities in their respective regions. They committees will function independently but under the supervision of the Oman Cricket Club head office in Muscat and will be named ‘Oman Cricket-Sohar’ and ‘Oman Cricket-Salalah’ respectively. Grounds have already been allotted in Salalah to commence competitive hard ball Cricket.




Wilson Burboz

Regional Cricket Coordinator


1 Mr. Abraham George (Chairman) Mr. Neelesh K. Derani (Chairman)
2 Vice Chairman – Position Vacant Mr. Axay Mehta (Vice Chairman)
3 Mr. Ranjit Ravindran (Secretary) Mr. S Anil Kumar (Secretary)
4 Mr. Karuneh Varma (Treasurer) Mr. Mayur Toprani (Treasurer)
5 Mr. Mohammed Salim Al Jawari (Member) Mr. Zaki Abdul Hakeem Al Bader (Member)
6 Mr. Sriram K. (Member) Mr. John Rajamoney (Member)
7 Mr. Kamal Prasad Gurang (Member) Mr. Sudheer Nair  (Member)
8   Dr. Lalit Mohan (Member)
9 Mr. Narendranath K. Mudaliar (Member)


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  • PartnersUpdated-27-11-2023